12 Aug 2017 “Thank you” and “Welcome Back” – what rain is to me

Good evening.  It’s 8:33 pm as I write to you after being outside enjoying the steady rainfall on our back porch.  A couple of phrases came to mind as I enjoyed the feeling of the warmish rain pouring through my fingers –  “Thank you” and “Welcome back.”

12 Aug 2017/ 8:15 pm rain….”Thank you” and Welcome back!”

12 Aug 2017 – pen and ink I did trying to illustrate what it’s like for me when I listen to music and watch the sky. I am transported in spirit up there!

The way I think of rain is it’s everything that has gone up to the sky and clouds, “heaven”,  and been purified for the return to earth to begin again.  Flowing through my fingers and over my body the essence of all life….the blood, sweat and tears of an entire planet encapsulated in clear droplets.  Truly a blessing not to take for granted and I wanted to share the moment with you.

other blog address: https://saymber.com/ – As I See It

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